ACS - Environmental Test Chambers

ACS is world-famous since 1952 for its design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers, from the compact bench-top temperature and humidity test chambers to the most complex high tech systems such as Thermal Vacuum chambers for aerospace applications and Calorimeters.

ACS products find applications in many industries like:

  • Electronics;
  • Automotive;
  • Military;
  • Aeronautics and aerospace;
  • Plastic and rubber materials;
  • Big Science.

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ANGELANTONI TEST TECHNOLOGIES Srl as manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment (EE equipment) is registered with the Italian Register RAEE in the Professional sector with the Producer Registration Number IT 12050000007580 and makes use of the take-back system offered by the "Consorzio ecoR'it"(

Aerospace, Aeronautics
and Defence Applications
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Workshop GITE 2021

17-18 February 2021

Brindisi, Italia Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna - Centro Ricerche ENEA

We are pleased to be among the sponsors of the 8th edition of the Thermoelectricity Days (GiTe 2021),...