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Replacement of refrigerants

We are reliable and competitive partners for the recovery and/or disposal of refrigerants (including the necessary certification by the competent body), for the decontamination of cooling systems and for the recharging with environmentally safe refrigerants, in full respect of the environment and in accordance with the national and European directives and legislation.

This service is consequent to the fact that, pursuant to the norms in force relative to the disposal of refuse (Law n. 549 of the 28/12/1993, successively modified by Law 179/97), all damaging substances (including CFCs such as R22, R12, R13, R502), when no longer used, must be removed to the authorised collection centres. The production, use, sale, importation and exportation of the substances listed in tables A and B attached to the above-mentioned law will cease on the 31st December 2008.

For this reason, we wish to help our customers to comply with the law and to give support to those companies that intend to attain ISO 14001 certification.