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Angelantoni confirms its leadership in the space sector in 2010, acquiring contracts totalling 20 million Euro


For the Angelantoni Group Testing Business Unit, 2010 has been characterized by a string of major successes in the flagship sector of its technological expertise: space simulation.


The year started out with the signing in Holland of an agreement with ESA, the European Space Agency, for the modernization of the thermoregulation system of their 8m3 space simulator.


In September, Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space, the two Thales-Finmeccanica joint ventures, launched the operational phase of the ambitious project, which will lead to the creation for the Turkish government of the G?kt?rk

satellite observation system. Angelantoni was chosen to be the supplier of a 200m3 space simulator which will be used for the testing and validation of the satellite before it is put into orbit.


The purpose of the G?kt?rk program is to meet the need for high-definition earth imaging. The high-resolution electro-optical satellite will be used for the observation, download of images, and processing by the ground station.


Within the framework of this project, Angelantoni will supply two other simulators, of a capacity of 17 and 0.5 m3, to Aselsan, the Turkish high-tech electronic company that will produce the antennas and related electronic equipment for the G?kt?rk satellite.


This year another important European space research centre chose Angelantoni as its technological partner for the testing of its equipment.


The Russian aerospace company Progress, located in Samara on the shores of the Volga River, has launched a challenging project for the modernization and automation of its satellite testing laboratories. Angelantoni has been commissioned for the supply of the vacuum part, the control system, and the solar and infrared radiation system for

an already-existing 500m3 space simulator. Moreover, Angelantoni will supply a new 8m3 simulator and 3 other chambers for environmental simulation that will go to complete the laboratory.


Angelantoni, in addition to being the sector?s undisputed leader in the European market, has also strengthened its presence in China, thanks to its supply to the Chinese Space Agency of six simulators for testing the components to be used in the satellites of the ambitious program aiming to send the first Chinese astronaut to the moon.