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ACS for a smarter and greener future at NUGEN Mobility Summit, India


25/11/2019 After the installation in 2016 in Manesar, Chennai and Pune of three 450  walk-in chambers for emission tests equipped with rolling bench, solar and wind simulation systems - acquired by NATRiP (National Automotive Testing and R & D infrastructure project) -  Angelantoni Test Technologies has become a major partner to the development & QA programs of relevant automotive OEMs & component manufacturers, such as Honda Cars, Maruti, Mobis and others.
Besides its renowned expertise in designing big walk-in chambers provided with solar, wind simulation or other equipment for testing complete cars (Honda) and its vast experience in supplying vibration chambers of any type for single or combined use (Mobis), ACS has become in recent years one of the most innovative suppliers of battery test chambers.


Attending NUGEN Mobility - Manesar, 27-29/11, International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT) - with ATT India subsidiary staff, ACS would like to show to Indian market also its battery  test solutions, developed with valuable partners, to give the most powerful Test Packages to our reputable Automotive customers, scaled on different Cell, Module and Pack testing requirements.
In order to give the best support to our clients, we have been continuously improving our Battery Test Chambers with the objective to:

  • allow an easy integration with their selected battery cycler, offering different options and dedicated solutions to create customized Test Packages
  • give them the possibility to select the essential chamber configuration in order to comply with the Risk Assessment of the overall Test Lab.

We are thus contributing to the important role of the companies working in the field of Electrification, especially for the development of more efficient Energy Storages in terms of environmental impact and safety.


Our strength in India lies in our team of well-informed sales people & highly trained engineers able to provide unmatched services to Industry, like Commissioning & maintaining activities in very large size projects. Through its unmatched Sales & Service support ATT India has become one of the fastest growing Chamber solution providers in the country.


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