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Virtuous example of personnel protection: rapid swabs at the Angelantoni Group


 Protection of people, compliance with regulations and the continuous improvement of safety levels are top priorities for the Angelantoni Industrie Group.

In recent months, prevention, health and safety procedures have been developed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among employees. The company has invested significant resources to protect its people and create a safe workplace during this difficult period, through the reorganization of shifts and workflows, Smart Working, temperature controls at entrances, distribution of kits of masks and disinfectant products.

On Wednesday 11th of November, tests for the diagnosis of Covid 19 infection through rapid swab - currently the most used and sufficiently reliable test - were conducted at the Massa Martana (PG) headquarters on about 300 people working in all the companies of the Group.

"The initiative undertaken by the Group - said the Group President Gianluigi Angelantoni - does not want to create alarmism, but it is a monitoring activity to protect our employees, local community and territory, with the aim of helping to slow the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the contagion data are constantly growing and we have considered it appropriate to do our part, considering that the ability to quickly identify any suspected case is essential to keep the outbreaks under control. "