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ACS Compact Test Chambers provide high efficiency in limited space.

Small footprint, easy installation, low consumption, reduced noise level and rich basic configuration, including the observation window, make these chambers the ideal choice for any Research and Development Laboratory looking for compact units to test small components and products in the electronic and automotive fields.


Use our online configurator to choose the model best suited for your needs!



They are equipped with the powerful KeyKratos Plus touchscreen control system, based on PID control through PLC, having the following advanced features:

  • Memory capacity to 1000 cycles with 350 segments.
  • Unlimited real time recording of temperature and humidity versus time (LOG).
  • Recordings in CSV format (Comma Separated Value) for easy export to Excel® (only for 110 and 200 l) via USB interface placed on the front panel (program files are easily convertible into graphic format).
  • Messages on scheduled maintenance activities.
  • A trend chart for recorded variables available with a scale from -100/+200.
  • Synoptic graphs for the chamber, low stage refrigeration and high stage refrigeration.

ACS Benchtop Chambers with 60, 110 and 200 l capacity can provide a temperature range from -40 to +180°C or -70 to +180°C. The 16 l model is available only with-35/+130°C temperature range.

110 and 200 l models are available also with  humidity range from 10% RH to 95% RH.

All the models only require a single-phase electrical supply, except for the 200 l model.

Potential-free contact for switching-off test specimens, UV lamp and additional shelves are available as options for 110 and 200 l models.

16, 60 and 110 l chambers can easily sit on a laboratory benchtop and the 110 l model can be supplied with an optional supporting table with wheels .

Multi-chamber remote control is available as option together with WinKratos S/W.

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